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Scavenger Hunt


1. How does this scavenger hunt work?

Once you have registered a team and received your team ID, you will select a level. Enter your team ID to receive your first clue.

Find the location of that clue and look for the sign. Once you locate the Scavenger Hunt sign, scan the QR code with your QR code scanner, and enter your team ID to receive your next clue.

2. Registering New Team

Make sure that you have between 2 – 6 team members and a valid email address included. Click here to register a team.

3. Having Trouble Signing In?

Double check that the team ID you are using is the four-digit number that was been emailed to you. If you are still having trouble, try resetting your team ID here.

4. How do I scan the QR code?

The application does not have a built in QR code scanner. You must close the app and open your camera or QR code scanner application to scan the signs.

5. I can’t remember what clue I was on.

The system will remember what clue you were on if you leave and come back. Simple sign back in and continue hunting.

6. I didn’t receive a Team ID, what do I do?

First check your junk mail to see if you have received an email with the subject line of “Scavenger Hunt Team ID”. If you haven’t received an email, try resetting your Team ID here.

7. I can’t remember my team ID.

If you can’t remember your four-digit team ID, click here to reset it.

8. What are the rules to participate?

1. Please be safe and respect the spaces where the clues are located.
2. The Celebrate 150 Trivia Scavenger Hunt takes place all over Brandon. While exploring please practice safe driving, abide by all parking and pedestrian by-laws.
3. The clue answers are located on signs that are hidden in plain sight, look for the QR Codes.
4. For the exception of Retail locations or Tourist attractions there should be no reason to enter into any building.
5. No signs should be removed or destroyed, please leave them at the location where you find them.
6. All clues are in public spaces; please do not enter private property, this is trespassing.
7. Please adhere to any Covid-19 protocols that are in place while exploring.

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